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The Wight Traing and Team Building Experience - the professional service with the personal touch

About the Wight Training and Team Building Experience

The Wight Training & Team Building experience is a subsidiary enterprise of the highly successful business consultancy and training company, Forelands Financial Consultancy.

The managing director of Forelands Financial Consultancy is Mike Jukes who has 38 years experience initially in the banking industry and subsequently in business consultancy and management training.

Having been on numerous management courses over many years, Mike felt that they did not offer value for money, were often delivered by theorists who had, at best, limited knowledge of the business world, offered stereotyped off the shelf topics with little variation or originality and left him feeling uninspired.

He set about changing those perceptions of management training, and over the last four years has been successfully delivering courses that inspire the delegates to make positive changes to the way they manage, motivate and lead their staff. Mike is supported by of a small team of highly qualified trainers enabling the company to deliver

'The professional service with the personal touch'

The team travel all over the country to provide business consultancy and training services, and one day mike hit upon the idea of the Wight Training & Team Building Experience. More specifically the idea came from his wife and co-director, Carol. Why not Invite the clients to meet us on the beautiful Isle of Wight, over half of which is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, and provide them with a fully inclusive course and a unique team building experience for the ultimate management training package. So now We look forward to seeing you.



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